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The Fingerprints are in the Data.

Can we mirror forensic handwriting analysis in todays digital world?

According to forensic science textbooks, at least twenty-one distinguishing characteristics of the elements of somebodies handwriting are necessary to complete an accurate identification. But what if we don’t have handwriting at all, but rather text messages, or an encrypted untraceable email? With the rise of lyrical analysis, document similarity analysis, and neural networks that are beginning to interpret the nuances of human languages, it is natural that text and speech analysis will be one of the components fueling the future of innovation, and I see it playing a large role in modern forensics going forwards.

The Experiment:

Searching the web and using…

What matters when determining the price of a house? Is the value of the components of a home quantifiable? What changes can you make to your house to increase value the most?

— Aidan Padala

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

Last year, in preparation for selling their house, my Grandparents dug a hole and built a koi pond in their yard in hopes of increasing house value and improving their odds of selling the house. Little did they know, an open body of water often reduces house value as it attracts mosquitos and reduces interest from families with pets and young children. With decisions like this, there is always money on the line, and making assumptions can be costly. …

Aidan Padala

Studying Computer/Data Science at the University of Pennsylvania

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